Performance of Telecommunication Networks

Performance of Telecommunication Networks

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In this unit, we use the Linux operating system installed on the department's laboratory computers. Please check whether your Linux account is active, and settings are OK before coming to the first lab. The steps are outlined here. You can test your Linux account from home, this web page tells how you can access the university's Linux servers from home by using a secure shell client. You may find these tutorials useful if you would like to deepen your expertise in software development in the Linux/Unix environment.

Laboratory Experiments

For the experiments and assignments, we use the OMNeT++ discrete-event simulation framework. OMNeT++ is an open-source (and free for research and education purposes) sophisticated system used for modeling communication networks, queueing networks, hardware architectures, and manufacturing and business processes. It runs on Windows and Unix based systems. You can install OMNeT++ by downloading the sources from its Web site. It has extensive documentation.


Assignment Submissions

All assignments will be submitted on-line through the unit's Moodle site (accessible through My Monash). No printouts will be collected. Please pay attention to these important points:

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