Distributed Coordination of Mobile Visual Sensor Network for Boundary Tracking and Coverage Applications

In many applications, it is desirable to autonomously detect and monitor an environmental region. Examples of such applications can be monitoring oil spills, algal blooms, wild fire spreading, temperature and salinity distribution in the ocean and hazardous weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

In this project, we develop the distributed algorithms to guide a set of mobile visual sensors to detect the boundary and to cover the entire region of interest. To ensure scalable and robust operation, only local information is used.

The goal is to cover the target area in shortest time with minimal energy consumption. We will both focus on theoretical development, mathematical analysis as well as empirical studies by implementing the algorithms on Monash University's Wireless Sensor and Robot Network Laboratory's experimental testbed.

Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
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